Welcome to the website of Dr. Miriam Law Smith.

Dr. Law Smith is a Clinical Psychologist and academic.  She worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist for the health service in Ireland (HSE), specialising in working with children and adolescents with autism spectrum conditions.  Miriam worked in Autism services in Ireland for over 10 years providing psychological assessment and therapeutic services, and she now runs a part-time private practice.  For more information on clinical services offered see here

Miriam has a background in academic psychology research, before training as a clinical psychologist (DClinPsych).  She completed her PhD at the University of St. Andrews, and a postdoctoral post at Trinity College Dublin.  She has published extensively in the area of social cognition, including emotion processing differences in children and adolescents with autism spectrum conditions (see Publications).  She now holds an honorary post of Senior Lecturer at the University of Limerick, and also lectures for the Open University.

Dr. Law Smith provides scientific consultancy to television production companies, including appearances as an on-screen expert (see Media).